My Nation

by Ali Elsayed

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    Cover Art was done by Sana Naveed. The light of Prophet Muhammad is touching everything in existence.

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Ground Breaking Nasheed Album by Ali Elsayed. It is a fusion between Islamic poetry and modern day music genre.


released 29 May 2010

Lyrics, composition and production by Ali Elsayed.
Mixed and Mastered by studios



all rights reserved


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Track Name: My Nation
Allahumma salli ala Muhammad
Ya Rabbi salli alaihi wassallim

“My nation, my nation”
His tears soaked the ground
He asked while prostrating
For hours on end
“My nation, my nation”
My lord forgive them
Grant them salvation
And a happy end

His nation His nation
Is everyone
In this creation
And in others as well
His nation his nation
Are you and me
All those before us
And those who will be

My nation my nation
At his blessed birth
He made a prostration
And uttered those words
My nation my nation
At his blessed death
My nation he whispered
With his last breath
Track Name: Tira Kawan
Tirra Kawan

Terra Kawan matirigi tigawan ya Rasulallah
Terra Milad, Mei kyuna Manawah ya Rasulallah

Halima Garr Kadi weiki kadi sarkar nu weiki
Mei geri saj tera lei sajawah ya Rasulallah

Gulami Ahmadi Mukhtar tou pehchani jeteihi
Ki mahfil mei bihogah un kanara ya Rasulallah
Track Name: Let Us Celebrate
Let us celebrate

Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad
Ya rabbi salli alaihi wa sallim

Let us celebrate the birth of Muhammad
Let us celebrate
Let us celebrate the coming of mercy
let us celebrate
Let us be happy let us rejoice
Let us sing together with one voice

Let us join the moon let us join the stars
Let us sing his praise
Let us join the angels let us join the heavens
Let us sing his praise
Let us be happy let us rejoice
Let us sing together with one voice

Let us praise our prophet let us sing his praise
Let us show our love
Let us praise with words let us praise with tears
Let us show our love
Let us be happy let us rejoice
Let us sing together with one voice
Track Name: Chechen Burdah
Chechen Burdah

Mawlaya Salli wa-sallim Da-iman abadan
Ala habeebika khairl-khalqi Kullihim

Ya akarama-khalqi mali man aludhu bihi
Siwaka inda huduthil-hadithil-amami
Wa-lan yadhiqa rasulallahi jahuka bi
Idhal kharimu tajalla bismi muntaqimi

Ya nafsu la taqnati min zallatin athumat
Innal-kabaa-ir fil-ghfrani kal-lamami
La-alla rahmata rabbi hina yaqsimuha
Ta-ati ala hasbil-isyani fillqisami

Muhammadun sayidul-kawnaini wath-thaqalaini
Walfariqaini min urbin wa-min ajami
Nabiyunal-amiru-nahi fala ahadun
Abbara fi qawli la minhu wala na-ami

Ya rabbi bil-Mustapha ballig maqasidina
Wa-gfir lana ma madha ya wasi-al-karami
Bijahi man baituh fi taibatin haramun
Wa ismuhu qasamun min aadhamil-qasami
Track Name: Sun Ray
Sun Ray

La Ilaha illa-lah la ilaha Illal-lah

She is special, he is special
Because in their hearts, shines His sun
You are special, we are special
Feel the light, which makes us one

You’re a rain drop, I am a rain drop
Flying on, the wings of clouds
But long before that, we were ocean
And to the ocean, we shall return

Close your eyes and you will see
It’s the same light in you and me
Listen carefully and you will hear
Your heart singing loud and clear

I don’t exist, you don’t exist
With real existence there is only One
I am a sun ray, you’re a sun ray
We don’t exist there is only Sun

La ilaha illa-Lah La ilaha illa-lah x2
Track Name: The Love of Muhammad
The Love of Muhammad

Allahumma salli alal-Mustafa, Allahumma salli alal-Mustafa
Habeebna Muhammad alaihis-salam, Habeebna Muhammad alaihis-salam

The Love of Muhammad and his family
Is my true Religion, my reason to be
And if when I die, my sins are too many
The love of Muhammad will rescue me

May god bless the Bedouin, for the question he asked
It unveiled the secret of the power of love
The answer to which made Abu Bakr dance
You’ll be with the ones whom you love

For Allah to love you, obey his command
It says if you love me, then follow Muhammad
To follow Muhammad, you must love Muhammad
For how can you follow that which you don’t love

If you love Muhammad, you must love everyone
For his light is truly, inside everyone
He’s the mercy sent to everyone
Only through love, can we all be one
Track Name: Just One Look
Just One Look

Ya rasula-lah unther halana
ya habeeba-lah ishfaa lana

Just one look, is all I ask
From the one whose name is praised.
The happiest one, is the one upon, whom shines your face

If mercy was not your name
I would not have dared to ask
For how could a filthy beggar
Dare ask to see the king

Of all the titles you were given
His servant was dearest to you
For me the highest honor
Is servant hood to you
Track Name: Just a Man
Just a Man!

They say, he’s just a man like us,
Like us, he’s just a man.
They say, he’s just a man like us,
Like us, he’s just a man.

Have they received revelation,
God’s uncreated words?
And when they speak is their speech, Considered God’s words?

Did they travel the heavens,
With their bodies in a blink?
Or drew nearer to their lord,
Than two bows length?

Muhammad is a man,
But not a man like us.
Muhammad is a diamond,
And we are pebble rocks.

Muhammad is a man,
But not like you and me!
If Muhammad never was,
No other man would be.
Track Name: Mercy Ocean
Mercy Ocean

Muhammad, salla-lahu alaih
Muhammad, salla-lahu alaih
Muhammad, salla-lahu alihi wa sallam

Come to mercy
Mercy Ocean
Ocean of All the worlds
Mercy to All the worlds

Come to forgiveness
To the door of forgiveness
Bring all your burdens here
And watch them disappear

Come to goodness
To The guide to goodness
To the spring of beauty
To The spring of bliss

Come to Love
Sweetest love
One drop is enough
To melt the world away